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next on "msnbc sunday," on a widely popular website, no more clicks for adult services. it's the big catch. key evidence in the investigation into the gulf oil disaster pulled from the waters. plus, riders of the storm, surfing dare devils come out to watch the waves of earl. good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt. welcome to "msnbc sunday." it's 9:00 on the east coast, 6:00 a.m. out west. what's happening right now, an important, new turn in the investigation of the gulf of mexico oil leak. crews have lifted that blowout preventer to the surface and that is the piece of equipment that failed to stop the gusher four months ago. good sunday morning to you, charles. >> reporter: good morning, alex. >> what about officials in terms of what they're hoping to learn from the preventer, now that they've recovered it from the sea floor, slowly getting it up to the surface? >> reporter: yeah.
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absolutely. well, it is on the q4000 they'll transfer it to another vessel and bring it ashore. they'll perform what is the equivalent of a mechanical autopsy. they'll take it apart bit by bit to determine why and how it failed, how it caused the explosion on april 20th that killed 11 workers and led to the nation's largest oil leak. if they find that it was modified in any way to make it less efficient, that could be grounds for criminal negligence charges against bp or transocean, the owner of the rig. and that is yet to be determined. of course, there are other la lawyers lined up to file suit against whomever may be responsible for this tragedy in the gulf of mexico. >> and what is in this bad blowout preventer's place down there securing the well? >> reporter: well, on friday night, after they removed the failed blowout preventer, bp
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placed a larger, more efficient blowout preventer on top of the well. that's in addition to the one mile of cement in place after the static kill operation last month. so this well is sealed from the top. what they want to do now is seal it from the bottom. that relief well operation will resume next week. and the coast guard says it hopes to, by the end of september, have this well finally killed, top to bottom, no longer a problem for anyone in the gulf of mexico. that's good news indeed to everyone who lives along the coast here. >> and can't come soon enough. charles hadlock, thanks so much. earl, the once hurricane strength storm, is losing steam along the canadian coast. pounded nova scotia with heavy winds over 100 miles yesterday. the storm knocked out power to thousands of resident. earl is expects to head out to sea some time tonight. residents up and down the eastern seaboard could still feel the power of earl in the form of range does rip currents. in florida alone, 200 people
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needed to be rescued yesterday from the heavy surf. on the west coast, sure didn't feel like the end of summer. southern california began labor day weekend with temperatures in the triple digits. the latest holiday weekend forecast, let's go to the weather channel's scott williams. good morning. >> reporter: alex, on this labor day weekend, watching several areas in the tropics. of course, we have been dealing with earl, moving well out of the picture and we continue to find a moderate risk for rip currents. notice southern gulf of mexico, a cluster of showers and thunderstorms here. to the east of the lee ward islands watching gaston trying to get organized again, as it continues to move towards the west. in the meantime, look at the cooler temperatures here, well below average right now. new york city, washington, d.c., and boston. but continued warm conditions through the midwest. in the meantime, the radar, inactive but finding showers and storms around the sunshine state, also as we move into the northern plains. temperatures comfortable in parts of the northeast and new
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england today. philadelphia, 77 degrees. 79 for the high new york city. denver, 94. 107 in phoenix. 83, atlanta. labor day forecast, quiet and comfortable across much of the nation. now back to you. >> scott williams, thanks so much. crews in new zealand are sifting through rubble assessing damage of the major 7.0 earthquake that hit this weekend. as many as 500 buildings have been declared destroyed, and that includes 90 in downtown christ church. this morning power has been restored to 90% of the city but christ church mayor bob parker says it's going to be a long time before core services even like the sewer system are fixed. back in this country a man in 90s is dead and one in his 80s critically injured after their plane went down near orlando. emergency officials say the aircraft came down yesterday 3/4 of a mile from the highway. it hit trees and power lines as
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it came down. it crashes, flipped, caused a small bush friar. the man rented the plane for the day. incredible pictures from new york city of an intense fire burning on a sanitation pier. take a look at this. more than 130 firefighters battled flames in manhattan yesterday. three were taken to the hospital with minor injure is. investigators say the fire involved three or four trailers full of trash. also now checking the stability of the wooden pier after part of that burned. no word yet on the cause. sex no longer sells on the classified internet website craigslist. the company pulled the adult services section from the site after a lengthy battle with law enforcement and state officials. my colleague is joining me here notice studio to explain all of this. what happened here? >> good morning to you. it's not for certain, but it does appear craigslist has finally surrenders to law enforcement and state officials who have been cracking down on the site for the past few years.
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they've complained there weren't enough protections blocking illegal ads. if you had to decide, you're going to find this a black bar with the word "sent centered." the battle began in 2008 when 40 state attorneys general came together to have craigslist to do more. at the time craigslist rebucked claim the site allowed for virtual pimping. craigslist started charging a fee and asked for a working phone number in order to place an ad. the fees have been a revenue source for the company. according to a report by pc magazine, craigslist expected to make over $36 million from these ads alone. and you'll remember this, the website received more criticism and a flood of media coverage last year when a medical student was arrested for allegedly killing a masseuse he met through craigslist. phillip markov went to the hotel room and robbed and murdered the
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woman. last month he committed suicide in this jail cell where he was awaiting trial. craigslist moved to finally shut down the adult services section comes days after 17 state attorneys general wrote a joint letter demanding the website close the section, once and for all. interesting to note, alex, this change only found on u.s.-based craigslist sites and only time will tell if this is a perm change. so far no comment from the website. >> thank you for that update. well, it is a week focused on the economy, and starting tomorrow president obama will be crisscrossing the nation with his proposals on how to get the recovery up and running. nbc's my viqueira live notice white house. good sunday morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> what does the president have plans? >> reporter: did somebody say it's the economy, stupid? you remember the phrase 1992, bill clinton ran on it. prbs are co-oped. they changed it to where are the jobs?
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names came out on friday. the unemployment ticks a tenth of a point to 9.6%. democrats who face a tidal wave of republican voting come november are very concerned. they have been virtually begging the president, not to mention the first lady, to come out on the campaign trail, at least raise money if not appear personally. of course, some of the democrats do not want to appear this year in this tidal wave republican year with an unpopular mr. obama. they want him to turn to the economy. he's been focuses on things presidents focus on, peace notice middle east, the iraq war. he was on vacation for ten days, but now they're going to get their wish. tomorrow, he heads to milwaukee. he'll speak to the afl-cio, a gathering on labor day. wednesday, we are told the president's unveiling major new economic initiatives, alex. on friday, he returns to the white house for a press conference that's sure to be dominated by economic issues. the problem politically for the
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democrats and president obama is whatever he's going to propose it's not hikely to pass a congress back in washington only the week after labor day and not here for very long before they go back on the political trail to campaign for their re-election. and the things that might pass, even if they were it pass, would not take effect soon enough to help them politically. it would take months for it to have any impact. the president turning to the economy. he's talking a lot about that. political overattorntones to everything he's saying. >> i'm curious of the choice of ohio, swing state and/or because john boehner has given that speech there or both? i mean, you can't separate the two? >> reporter: probably a little bit of both. of course he's going to wisconsin tomorrow, another swing state making that speech in milwaukee. these are not accidents. we see the president in places like florida and iowa, ohio, more often than not, north carolina is another frequent
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destination for the president. but you're right, it was two weeks ago while the president in martha's vineyard, john boehner, the mine yort leadminority lead house insifting the president fire the economic team, piling on with the criticism on the economy. the president is going to be in cleveland on wednesday. >> thank you very much, mike. so it's the apple gadget that started a handheld revolution but now its future it is doubt. a bolt from jetblue. and now it's see you later, steven later. we'll explain all that on "msnbc sunday." ♪
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he gained full hero status after allegedly cursing on the loud speak somewhere junk down a plane's emergency chute with a beer in hand. but this morning that flight
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attendant is out of a job. a spokeswoman says, steven slater is no longer employed by the airline. slater suspended after his dramatic escape following a confrontation with a passenger. charged with criminal mischief, trespassing. from there to politics now. a new white house plan for the economy, this week the president will outline new steps designed to jump start the job market and strengthen the economy. but a "new york times" editorial is casting doubt on the effectiveness of that plan before it is even announced early word indicates the plan will be a political response designed to campaign specifications and not to the scale of the problem. administration officials are said to be considering a package centered on business tax cuts because those are presumably more pat latable to republicans, and to democrats who are afraid of losing to republicans and cannot think of a better response than to mimic their ideas.
9:16 am
the u.s. political correspondent for financial times. good morning. >> good morning. >> do you think when it comes to the economy it is possible to separate politics from the policies the white house is putting forth? >> not now, that's for sure. eight weeks out from the midterm election. this is all about politics and about trying to shore up the democratic seats in the house and the senate and to staunch some of the losses there. i think that's what president is trying to do, to show to voter his realizes the gravity of the problem and he's on to it. >> let's get to the democrats' main message on the economy right now, and contrast that with the republicans in terms of how they say they would handle things differently. >> i think, i mean, it's a problem for both parties here. democrats are not sure what their economic message is at the movement. the president has come out strong again saying it's jobs, jobs, jobs from now on but there's a lot of division within the democratic party. we see some democrats trying to distance themselves from the
9:17 am
whole stimulus package because there's so much stigma attach a. attached while others are calling for more effort from the white house. i think it's interesting to see that russ fine goal, the senator from wisconsin, apparently not going to be appearing with the president when he's in milwaukee tomorrow, keeping his distance because this is such a toxic issue before the elections. >> so -- keep going. sorry. >> by the same token, it's not as if the republicans have any great ideas, either. very vague in terms of their proposals, obstructionist in criticizing every idea the presiden president comes up with saying it's job killing. >> do you believe, as the "new york times" is reporting, everything will be centers on business tax cuts? >> that's what we're hearing an extension of the research and development tax credit which is something republicans have said in the past, and business groups have said in the past, they're in favor of. the big question will be, will the republican reaction be this week.
9:18 am
though in principle they might like the idea, they're not going to want to give the democrats any legislative victory a few weeks out from the midst terms. >> politicly speak, we've got two months until the midterms. are the democrats out of time relative to the economy if that's the number one issue for the country, which it is, are they out of time to change things before the elections? >> absolutely, too little, too late. no matter what they do, nothing is going to take effect. nothing will be felt on the ground before the midst term elections. best that the president can hope for is to try and step up his rhetoric, to show the voters that he is concentrating on it now and to hope that this will win them over a little bit. certainly nothing is going to ease the plight of votes before november. >> anna fifield, look forward to talking with you again. hanging ten with earl. what is it like to surf notice storm-whipped waters? we're going to meet a couple of surfing dare devils next on "msnbc sunday."
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are you putting food in your office refridge rater? the fridge can be frighteningly filthy, even dirtier than office restrooms. 22% of prfridges are cleaned on or twice a year. unsure how long you've had something in the fridge, take it out, throw it away. talk about riding out the storm. our next two guests got really up close and personal with the storm named earl. check out this video, shot by mike from nyc productions. against authorities will decided to take his board out on the coast of rhode island somewhere we believe. we wanted to know what it was like out there. will and his brother cliff are joining us in studio. good morning to you. you are smiling because you got the rides of your lifetime here on the east coast, right, will? >> yeah. it was amazing. it's been a long road leading up to this, tracking hurricanes and
9:23 am
storms for the last seven years. so you know, it's really inconsistent here on the coast, all of the factors came together, wind, swell, tide, we were able to get a couple of fun waves. it's as big as it gets on the east coast. >> cliff, how long was the opportunity there for you guys? >>ou know, we got a quick window when the waves were perfect and the wind was offshore, you know? this type of situation doesn't happen so often. maybe once every seven, eight years everything lines up perfect. >> will, was it like to ride a wave that big? close to home for you. you guys are long island based guy with surf school. >> that's what makes it special for us. we travel all winter long and surf everybody else's waves and we're from new york. to get a wave in our back yard of this size and this much power is just really special for us and it's like, you know, something we've always been thinking about and always wanted to document, so we're really
9:24 am
psyched to show it to you guys. >> beautiful video. is it an emotional high? we were talking, you surfs mexico, california, hawaii, all over the place, great big waves. was this something you were just on a real emotional high, like this is my back dwrard? >> yeah. this guy's screaming the whole time. >> really? what were you screaming? >> we were yelling at the top of our line, so happy. >> being brothers and a team out there, ses special. when i was whipping my brother into waves taking turns back and forth. it was like a special moment. i caught his eye, we knew it was on. this is never really happens. >> it was cool, too, it's ours. no one else out there. no one around. it was me, my friend brandon, mike, matt, my uncle bill and our friend ali. >> a tight group. >> a tight group. four jet skis and our wave. that's what made it special. >> any wipeouts? cliff, yeah? >> for sure. i can definitely say i was one
9:25 am
of the wipeouts. the way that the wave was shaped, it broke kind of slopy in the zbining and jack up to a rock shelf, about one, two-feet deep. when it jacked up really high, you know, high up, it was definitely strong wipeout. i was lucky enough, we were fortunate enough not to hit the bottom but came to close calls. >> i picks him out of the inside a couple of times and he picked me out, too. >> never so happy to see my brother. >> i'll bet. i've got to say we have to be responsible and say, don't try this at home, folks. i admire what you do and the skill. it's no easy task. the name of the surf school? >> it's scoot and surf school, reach us on the web skudinsurf. >> not on the big waves. >> we canceled camp this week. >> smart thing you guys did. will and cliff, thanks so much. thanks for sharing the photos. life is full of ups and
9:26 am
downs and so is the news. corporate deal making, global mergers occurring at record levels. is that good for the economy? burger kings down. its business is slumping. profit down 17% while mcdonald's saw its income jump 12%. youtubes prospects of turning a profit for the first time are looking good. the giant is expected to make $450 million in revenue this year, thanks to the new advertising. the black-eyed peas "i got a feeling" most downloaded song ever. sales slipping for the year. we're still talking about more than 762 million music downloads. text messaging more popular. it's not just a kids' thing i. a new research study shows 72%
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of adults text message. 87% of kids do it averaging 50 teches a day. the sun may be setting on the classic ipod. ignored in the apple presentation and not upgraded in five years. fielding more rumors the classic ipod will be a goner. things are looking up for j. lo, it is all about a done deal she will get the judging gig on "american idol." the show rescues paula abdul from celebrity obscurity, maybe it work for j. lo. she's nowhere obscuritobscurity since you wrote that. [ brian ] so this is dan crane. he tweeted that he's using
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a wheat thin to pick his air guitar. good morning, dan. hello. do you recall tweeting, using a wheat thin to pick my air guitar? yes. this is a limited edition air guitar. whoa! [ brian ] it's a mehlenbacher hollow neck. a mehlenbacher. [ laughs ] so... oh thank you. yeah. can i get a box of picks? have at it man, let's just do it. ♪ [ brian ] can i get a windmill? ♪ [ brian ] come on boys, who's next? it's "msnbc sunday." i'm alex witt. half past the hour, fast five headlines. investigators looking into the
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gulf oil disaster now have that blowout preventer to analyze for clues about what caused the deadly accident. craigslist has eliminated its adult services section. this move comes after 17 state attorneys general wrote a letter to craigslist to plain about illegal activity stemming from the postings. a report in london sunday times says at least five iranian companies in kabul, afghanistan, secretly funneling money to militants to fund attack on nato forces. inspectors in new zealand are checking out safety of buildings in the wake of the powerful earthquake. schools ordered closed for two days. triple digit temperatures and low humidity blamed for five los angeles area while fires that broke out yesterday and are now contained. those are your fast five headlines. new this morning, american muslims are boosting security at mosques around the country speaking help from leaders of other faiths ahead of the ninth anniversary of the september 11th attacks and that is because
9:32 am
american muslim leader ss say fr the observation could bring trouble for their communities since the controversy erupt over a proposed islamic center near ground zero. joining me live, executive director for the muslim-american society and jack burkman. why do you think that this year's 9/11 anniversary is different from past observations of the 9/11 attacks? >> well, simply because of the increase of vandalism and physical violence that's taking place around different mosques and on muslims and their own persons. so that brings concern as well as research done by american university shows that there's an increase in vandalism and attacks on mosques and also on the construction of mosques. and there's a climate that's been set, ugly climate that's been set, that leads towards that whole situation of responding in a very violent
9:33 am
way. >> what kind of steps are american-muslims taking to take care? >> well, fortunately, you know, george bush really set the climate early on after 9/11, that there would be zero tolerance for physical backlash despite the fact we had some. that was one of the president's finest moments in terms of talking about the security and the safety of american muslims and not scapegoating them for something that al qaeda did. and so, there's been a building of good relationships with law enforcement at the local level. and so consequencely, we feel that that situation is being nurtured more and that there's going to mo ing ting to more vi enforcement themselves in gainsville, where they're going to supposedly burn -- >> i think -- >> i think we're there. >> i've got to to tell you, violence against muslims in the united states a joke. is country is so free to practice whatever religion you want. this is not an issue of
9:34 am
religious freedom. muslims and build mosques and practice anywhere in the united states. it's a total red herring. >> jack -- >> the issue's whether it's appropriate to biuild a moving around ground zero and it is not. it is not for this reason. let plea make some news. let me get controversial. islam must, must, share some or maybe even a lot of the responsibility for 9/11. let's me tell you something, this idea that islam is some kind of a sweet, loving religion where 99% of the people who practice it are wonderful is a joke. islam, in the last 20 years, has become a radical -- >> you know, i've got to say, jack, i know you're trying to make news but i don't want to make that news here on this show right now because a lot of people are going to disagree with you. i personally have muslim friends and they are peace-love, gentle wonderful people many i work with on msnbc to say 99% is an
9:35 am
overstatement but i want to ask you if you believe that this controversy over the planned islamic center near ground zero, if that is what the epicenter of all of the talk, all of the furrer. we had a new york city cab driver whose throat was slashed after being asked from the backseat by a passenger, a crazes, deranged passenger notice backseat who said, are you muslim? slashes his throat. so i mean, that is what this is all about? >> first of all. i didn't say 99% are bad. my 99% referred to something else. you can cite all kinds of anecdotal news you, can cite all kind of anecdotal things. it goes back the central issue, what about the people who died? what about the 3,000 people, including former pundit on this air barbara olson, my good friend, i had so many friends in die in 9/11. i looks up at the sky it we mine me of 9/11 in washington, a clear, bright sky. it's amazing how quickly the country can forget. comes down to one question.
9:36 am
think about this question. if we were in the wake of another 9/11 or anything even remotely similar to that, would we even be discussing this issue? would my good friend even be appearing this morning? the answer is no. no one in this country -- >> i'm going to push this actually to mahdi. answer this question, would you come on this broadcast and talk about your sentiments and your beliefs if there were another attack? would you feel comfortable doing so? sticking up for your beliefs? >> absolutely. i have a responsibility. i'm an american. i mean, i think for some reason that to try to depict muslims as being the others and not part and parcel of america is at the heart of the issue. we lost muslims also killed on 9/11. i personally met the mother who lost her son as a first responder. so when al qaeda hit america and hit the world trade center and the pentagon, they hit america. and that includes muslims. they hit all of us. and to try to use this as a
9:37 am
wedge issue for a political purpose or something like that i think is not a good thing to do. >> it includes muslims, yes, and were muslims, killed. you're right about that. what you can deny is that islam has become an increasingly radicalized, global force. no one can deny that, the fact that the in of the last two decades -- >> mahdi, last word, accusation by jack it's a radicalized force? >> i think jack's offbase with his facts and going back to the facts trying to deny violence is taking place as a result of the situation involving the building of the mosques. i think the final word is this. it finally looks like this, it says in term of the right to build mosques in america, safe politics asks, is it popular? is it right? this constitution will always ask, is it lawful? >> gentlemen, i'll let that be the last word right there.
9:38 am
we'll leave that in rhetorical question. guys, thanks so much. the oil has stopped flowing into the gulf of mexico since mid-july but protests continue. demonstrators gathers outside the white house to focus demonstration caused by the oil spill. protesters don't believe the water is safe, and they are calling on president obama and congress to act. >> the president and congress need to know that the gulf is not okay. the people are not okay. they need to stand up and to protect the citizens of this nation they swore they would protect. >> the april 20th explosion aboard the deepwater horizon killed 11 workers and led to 206 million gallons spewing from the well. 33 miners atalking to relatives above. for the first time via video conference. member were delighted to talk to loves ones trapped below. they may not be out of that mine
9:39 am
until december. meantime, four survivors of a 1972 plane crash featured in "alive "s are also visiting with family members this weekend delivering messages of hope and sort. men were members of a rugby team when the plane crashed on a snowy mountain. 16 people survived after spending 2 1/2 months strands on the mountain. tropical storm earl slammed the coast of nova scotia. 100 mile an hour wind knocked out pow for thousands of residents. earl is expected to weaken and head out to sea. let's get a look at the labor day forecast. swot williams. good morning. >> good morning. certainly earl is long gone but we will be watching for some rough rip current along the east coast beaches and its wake and watching several other areas for potential development here. take a look, you can see to the east of the leeward islands
9:40 am
watching the remnants of gaston trying to regenerate here. watch a cluster of showers and storms there. also notice southern gulf of mexico, watching a cluster of showers and thunderstorms that could potentially turn into something tropical. temperature wise, a cool start around the great lakes, the northeast a touch of fall on this labor day weekend. and as we look at the temperature change you, can see certainly cooler numbers showing up. in the northeast and new england, behind that front. rainfall, we will see scattered shows and storms along the gulf coast. if you're vacationing, watch out for showers and storms also as you move into the upper midwest. the golden sunshine on tap here, new york city, 79 degrees. 77, philadelphia. 84 for you washington, d.c. still hot in denver 94 for your high today. 107 in phoenix. and as we move into your labor day forecast, fairly quiet and comfortable across much of the nation. so this unofficial end to summer is going to end on a nice note.
9:41 am
alec, back to you. >> we love nice notes. thank you, scott williams. for the latest weather updates and the forecast where you are, head to now, to today's long-awaited list of number ones. first a salute to an alabama farmer who thinks he's just grown the biggest watermelon ever in his state. the thing is 56 inches around, 41 inches long, weighs a whopping 210 pounds. now trying to get certification from agricultural officials for his big melon there. to the usa celebrity heat index. who is on top? brad pitt getting attention for his foundation's work to help victims of hurricane katrina. pitt's better half tops the usa celebrity heat index for august. she found herself in the spotlight taking twins to hungary to scout locations for a film project. katy perry's not only dom naturing charts but turning heads. she's the top-ranking american in a british daily mail poll about best celebrity bodies.
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when it comes to the economy, there are few easy options. president obama will spend the week talking up his proposals to get the nation back on track. but even if his plans are passed in congress the effects might fake months to kick in. with midterms approaching, is it too little, too late? let's bring in eleanor clift and
9:46 am
jonathan capehart. a good day to the both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> so this time we'll go with you first, jonathan. the president's upcoming schedule this week. three different events in which the economy will be discussed over a five-day period. is there a sense that the president is missing the mark on the issue, though he's constantly talking about it? >> yes. you know, the dirty little secret in politics in washington, with the presidency, is that the president has no control over job creation, so it leaves him to tinker at the edges to try to spark growth, spark job creation. the one thing that the president does have absolute control overs and that is connecting with american people's pain and anxiety over the economy, over jobs. the president has done a good job of explaining how we got into this mess but he hasn't been able to win over people in their hearts. they get the head argument but they don't get the sense that the president actually
9:47 am
understands and feels on a visceral gut, intuitive level how anxious and concerned they are about their economic future. >> i'm curious, eleanor, it's the people around the president that have failed him perhaps. christina romer, one of the top economic advises stepping down, two months until lelection day. do you think it's president's inner circle failed him? why weren't there other solutions out there months ago? >> i think a president has limited tools in a market-based economy to create jobs and he has put forward some legislative plans, i think they were not big enough and bold enough to match the scale of the crisis and new proposals coming up, many of them designed to win republican votes when it looks as though the republicans may not go along even with proposals they favor
9:48 am
because they don't want to muddy the picture of a president who has failed to turn around the economy at a time when they have a chance to perhaps win back control on criminal. what the president can do, though, is he can put forth a clearer economic vision and he can spur american creativity and innovation. i just got back from china, beijing, shanghai, and there are no global warming deniers over and and they are going gang busters on getting the green economy up and going. i think that the president really has missed a chance rhetorically to reach the american people, i do agree with jonathan. >> how about the recent polling, 71% still blame president bush for the current economic mess. so in your opinion, you take that, you run with it is it a wise political move for president obama to try to capitalize on that or not? >> you see that number, 71%? absolutely the democrats are
9:49 am
absolutely using that to their advantage because it works, because it reminds people, hey, for eight years this is what those folks did and now look where we are and look at all of the things i'm trying to do to get us out of that ditch. so, yes, it works with them. but as long as the president is -- as long as there is that disconnect between the rhetorical argument, the intellectual argument of what's happening and the emotional argument of the president actually being there and understanding where the people are, i think it will be of limited help. he's got -- he's got to connect people, the heads and hearts. >> eleanor, i want to play sound from the republican senator lindsay graham on "meet the press" this morning. let's listen to this. >> we need to bring checks and balances tell the american people if we get back in control, we're going to check this obama agenda that has no limits and bring about balance by controlling spending,
9:50 am
relooking at health care bill and try to be more fiscally responsible. >> look, there's all of the talk about republicans taking back at least the hse. how much might they be able to reverse some of the policies already passes by the obama administration? >> those are great words, but the economic plans that republican leader john boehner unveiled have been analyzes by yar yus news organizations and add to the deficit. republicans have not come out with a credible al continue tev that would pur job creation and reduce the deficit. and you know, it bewilders me the president hasn't been able to call out the republicans more for the disconnect that they have between their previous governance and their words and what they're projecting that they would do if they regained power. so i think this election is shaping up to a referendum on democratic governance and on the president, and i think the republicans will get away with all sorts of promises that have
9:51 am
no bearing in reality, but that's how politics works. >> which will make for -- >> the white house has to figure out how 0 to combat that and they haven't done that so far. >> we're going to have interesting conversations. thanks so much to both of you. the secrets to a fall vacation getaway that won't bruise your wallet next on "msnbc sunday." host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? did the little piggy cry wee wee wee all the way home? piggy: weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeeeee. mom: max. ...maxwell! piggy: yeah? mom: you're home. piggy: oh,cool, thanks mrs. a. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
9:52 am
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9:54 am
so we're halfway through this labor day weekend and it could be a busy weekend for travel, busier than in years past, as aaa predicted the number traveling will increase nearly 10% from 2009. too late for many of us to get away this weekend but let's look ahead to the fall. charlie joins us from washington, d.c., charlie is the director of the consumer travel alliance. good morning, charlie. >> hey, alex, how are you doing? >> i'm great, thanks.
9:55 am
i'm enjoying working but thinking about getaways. what about air travel bargains tooshgs late to book any for the fall? >> it's getting kind of late, however the key to this whole thing is to make sure you plan ahead. this accounts whether you're doing car rentals, hotels or air fares. if we look at air fares, air right now is -- you can still get some pretty good deals if you try to get to your reservations at least two weeks out and much better the further out you can book. but the big thing you have to watch out for this year are the hidden airline fees. the airlines are walkihack whac you with charges for baggage and reserve seats. just going on a short trip it can double the price of your trip. on a vacation it can add 30%. the consumer travel alliance did a big survey on this, and it's something we have to watch out for. >> oh, yeah. day of the week. it's endless, annoying.
9:56 am
i had to rent a car recently it was very pricey. >> rental car prices have crept up. i was surprised when i went in looking for representational car prices, it's hard to find things in the $18 and $20 you used to find. you want to look at the little guys at the easy rent a car, at the payless, at the ace, you save kind of people. now they are listed on orbitz. you can find them priced right next to budget, avis and hertz, but they'll save you when i looked in orlando, just for a mid-october trip, they end up saving you $100 over a three-day period. look at some of the little guys. the other thing you can do is go to priceline. priceline still has good deals if you're willing to bargain and you know you're going to get one of the big guys. >> last we have to look at hotel rates. should you book them alone or find these hotel combo travel flight deals? is that the best way to do it? >> there's two ways to look at it. hotel rates are still a bargain.
9:57 am
they're a big bargain compared to what we used to be paying two and three years ago. you can find good bargains with hotels. to get better bargains package the hotel together with your air and some of the websites and travel agents down the street from you can get you really good deals. and don't be afraid to mix and match. you can get your hotel and your air from one provider, and then dig around and get a better price for a rental car from another provider and it will save you even more money. >> charlie, thanks for all the good points. we appreciate it. >> take care, alex. bye. have a web cam and dream of being wealthy? make a boat load on youtube. wait until you hear how much some are making posting their home made videos on youtube. ♪
9:58 am
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